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Modernizing and Improving the Maintainability of RPG Applications Using X-Analysis Version 5.6


Authored exclusively by Databorough


IBM i as/400 iSeries modernization requires careful planning and analysis. IBM and Databorough collaborated on this IBM Redbook to help managers, analysts, executives approach RPG, COBOL, SYNON modernization on IBM i, using structured and proven methods and tools.



This IBM Redpaper covers the use of X-Analysis to accelerate the modernization and improve the maintainability of existing RPG applications. It discusses how X-Analysis is used to restructure and reuse the RPG application's business logic and application data model, and includes step-by-step examples and scenarios showing an RPG application exposed by the tool. The paper shows how an application is visually displayed, starting from a high-level model and drilling down to program details such as the specific use of fields and files.


Use of X-Analysis to convert an existing application to the Model-View-Controller architecture is explained. In this instance, the View and Controller portions of the application are converted to JavaServer Faces and JavaBeans. X-Analysis takes advantage of the implicit data and process model in the application to create individually callable pieces of business logic.


This paper explores many of the capabilities available in X-Analysis and shows you how to write programs to use information stored in the cross-reference repository. You can use this information to simplify and automate your conversion process.


Table of contents

Chapter 1. Overview: modernization and X-Analysis
Chapter 2. Introducing the sample application
Chapter 3. Re-engineering an existing application to the MVC architecture
Chapter 4. Application maintainability and re-engineering
Chapter 5. Recovering application design
Chapter 6. Using the recovered model
Appendix A. Getting started with X-Analysis
Appendix B. X-Analysis cross-reference repository details