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Databorough joins the Fresche Solutions family.



Message to Clients


We are thrilled to announce the news that Databorough has joined the Fresche Solutions family. Fresche Solutions, a significant player in the legacy modernization space with a focus on iSeries/AS400, mainframe and HP, shares our passion for the customer, and has demonstrated over its many years in business that it will go to the furthest degree to do the right thing to ensure its customers have achieved their goals, and continue to derive value from their legacy environments.


As a part of the Fresche Solutions organization, we have so much more to offer our customers. Fresche Solutions has one of the broadest arrays of legacy management solution offerings on the market today. This product portfolio is complemented by end-to-end delivery services that address legacy challenges and include, analysis and future planning, application management, transformation, and managed application services. Located in North America, and offering SCP-certified 24/7 support, the Fresche Solutions organization also gives us the ability to better support enterprise customers with a global, follow the sun support model, which is a value-creator and significant business advantage.



2016 - Fresche Solutions acquires Quadrant Group

2013 - Fresche Solutions acquires Databorough

2007 - X-Analysis for WDSC released

2006 - X-Migrate Refactoring & Reengineering legacy RPG for Java & Web Services announced

2005 - X-Extract Business Rule Extraction for RPG Released

2004 - X-Web Web-based Java framework for MVC iSeries applications released

2003 - X-Resize Fully automated field expansion/reengineering released

2001 - X-Rev Re-engineering for Data Modeling released

1999 - X-Analysis for windows released

1997 - Databorough USA formed

1993 - Databorough Canada formed

1989 - X Analysis launched as a product

1984 - Databorough formed in the UK

Exciting new offerings for Databorough customers

  • Continued strategic commitment to X-Analysis
  • Newly expanded product and solution offerings for iSeries/AS400, Mainframe and more
  • New end to end modernization service delivery capabilities
  • New SCP-certified 24X7 support center with expanded geographic and time zone support

In terms of your relationship with Databorough, it is business as usual. The contacts you work with today will continue to be your points of contact. X-Analysis will continue to be fully supported, and indeed, enhanced, as a key, highly strategic offering within the Fresche Solutions portfolio.


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Improving and Reusing Investments in Legacy Systems

Behind everything we do is the belief that legacy systems contain tremendous value, not just in the past, but for today and tomorrow as well.


We believe in starting with what has been proven to work. What works in AS/400 - IBM i IT shops are legacy systems, developed and tested through many years of use.


We take those legacy systems and analyze them, parse them, sort them, index them, translate them. We build them into a repository of many dimensions and many views and many outputs.


A repository that reflects your intelligence and your efforts of decades of development, representing thousands to millions of dollars of investment.


We create products that make your system more:

  • Accessible
  • Understandable
  • Usable
  • And ultimately, more valuable to your company

We do this for your purposes of:

  • Application maintenance and analysis
  • Rewriting, modernization and reengineering
  • Package acquisition and gap analysis
25 Years of Continuous Development in Response to Customer Needs

What started as a cross-reference tool in the 1980's has evolved into an extensive suite of needs-driven tools and a full scale reengineering system for RPG, COBOL and CA:2E applications.


The X-Analysis repository has grown over the years to contain hundreds of internal analytical tables and many hundreds of proven static analysis and reengineering programs.


We pride ourselves on our commitment to the continuing extension and improvement of our products, making us one of the few major ISV's in the IBM i market to continue to do so at full scale and speed.


Our Customer List Speaks for Itself

It's no accident that we wrote the IBM Redbook on modernizing and improving the maintainability of RPG applications. It's no accident because IBM itself is one among many of our customers and partners that represent a Who's Who of the AS/400-IBM i world. Please click here to read some of our case studies.


Responsive Intelligence

Our product reflects our approach and what we believe: listen to our customers, think hard and work hard. For 25 years we have been privileged to employ some of the top talents in the AS/400 world. We have spent that time inventing and refining the most comprehensive toolset on the planet for analyzing and reengineering RPG, COBOL and CA:2E applications.