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X-Extract - Reengineer RPG and DDS

As one of the most unique products in the AS/400-IBM i world, X-Extract actually restructures, refactors and converts your legacy code for the ultimate in true modernization.


Database DDS Modernization

Convert DDS to SQL and automatically convert your entire database

Copies production data into a new database

Does not require recompiling programs

Generate Database Service Programs

Stateless service program generated for each tables

Contains exported procedures for Creating, Reading, Updating and Deleting (CRUD) records in the table

Service programs may be extended to contained centralized low level business rules

RPG code of all kinds converted to RPGLE /Free

Creates Platform independent UI/View-Controller meta-data (functions) from legacy screen formats

Screen designs of legacy applications are not just about look and feel, there are attributes, and logic embedded which from a design point of view are relevant, no matter what technology is used to modernize them.

The X-Extract extracts User Interface design information and stores it as meta-data in its repository. This is used as reference for rebuilding UI programmatically. The meta-data assists in regenerating new View and Controller artefacts in the chosen new technology. X-Extract currently generate a JSF/Facelets UI version. The meta-data design can also naturally be used to generate new interfaces using any modern technology.

MVC code generation from recovered designs as RPGLE-Free, JSF/Java, Hibernate, Spring, DAO, C#

The objective in a true modernization project is to extract the essence or design of the legacy application and reuse these designs as appropriate in rebuilding the application, using modern languages, development tools, and techniques, and tapping into more widely available skills and resources.

X-Extract implements MVC architecture, based on recovered designs. This architecture can be implemented using 5250 and pure RPG-Free, but it’s more likely and common implementation is using a web interface for the view, with the controller logic written in a modern language that supports web interfaces such as JSF/Java, Hibernate, Spring, DAO or C#.

Transformation of batch logic into Java, C# or RPGLE-Free

As the modernization process is implemented the batch logic used in the legacy system is transformed into Java, C# or RPGLE-Free.

Creates Hibernate configuration files and JPA package from recovered relational model

The X-Analysis has unique capability of automatically deriving the explicit system data model from a legacy RPG, COBOL or 2E applications.

The legacy relational model derived by X-Analysis can be exported as DDL. X-Extract utilizes this DDL to create Hibernate configuration files, thus producing an instant Object relational Map or ORM of the entire legacy application database.
Concepts like service based software, software as a service, etc. are emerging rapidly and has given innovative vision for future software architecture and development.

Web services are the next stage of evolution for e-business. This is the next step in creating a Web-browser-based user interface that interacts with an enterprise application in order to enable program-to-program communication. This implies doing the same business in a more automated fashion and with a more efficient approach.

X-Extract can generate Web Services for a legacy application. Once the legacy application have been technically adapted, the business processes are likely to evolve to a more automated business.
The X-Extract provides facilities to compare the original code with the recovered code – Reengineered Action Diagram, Business Process Logic and Generated Java.

Builds Java data migration package from legacy data model

The X-Extract uses the legacy relational model derived by X-Analysis to generate Java data migration package.