Databorough – A Division of FRESCHE SOLUTIONS

Visualize, Audit and Document your SYNON 2E Model
with X-2E Analysis

What is X-2E Analysis?

The knowledge and information represented by your organization’s business software design and metrics has been accumulated over many years and is extremely valuable. In the case of CA 2E applications, the design model holds the real value. Unfortunately, this model is often out of reach to all except CA 2E developers. By recovering and sharing existing, proven business logic and data and process models that represent years of investment and development, IT organizations lower cost, time and risk for all types of projects that enhance or replace their legacy applications.

X-2E Analysis extracts, cross references and documents the complete model including entities, fields/variables, relationships, functions, action diagrams, internal routines, condition values and messages. This extraction is used as input to completely document and analyze the entire application.