Databorough – A Division of FRESCHE LEGACY

What is X-Analysis for?

World leader in impact analysis, graphical documentation design recovery on IBM i

Since 1987 Databorough has been developing tools that capture and reuse the essence of complex applications written in RPG, COBOL, CA 2E (SYNON), and now including modern languages such as Java, VB, PHP, Powerbuilder, Lotus Notes and C#. An automatically built repository that maps the entire application code base is extended with interactive Eclipse-based user tools for impact analysis, documentation and design recovery of IBM I applications.

Save weeks of manual analysis in a few seconds with capabilities at both an object and a variable level. The variable level impact analysis can track where used information starting from a single field or variable, through all iterations and associated variables/fields and down through the entire call stack of a system with a single click. It can reduce analysis tasks done with older tools or manually down from weeks into seconds with absolute accuracy and confidence.

Download any output, drill-down into source for more detail, or view results coded visual diagrams for quicker and more focussed analysis.


Abstract the implementation of the code to help visualize and easily understand the application design and flow, even for non-programmers.

Sub-divide a system into application areas, and drill down through any of these interactive diagrams to see high level information and details simultaneously.

Powerful go-anywhere-from-anywhere hyper-navigation capabilities while analyzing. Application interfaces, call structures, data flows, screen flows, subroutine diagrams, variable tracing diagrams. All interactive, colour coded diagrams downloadable and integrated with RDi/p or Eclipse.


Rational & Aldon
X-Analysis is Eclipse based and interfaces to Rational for i/p in both the LPEX and RSE. Jump from code editing into impact analysis in X-Analysis or from interactive code analysis into code editing in LPEX. Aldon uses an interface between X-Analysis and Aldon at sites worldwide.

Desktop Integration
A built-in documentation wizard builds structured documentation instantly into Word or PDF. Any individual diagram, result or source list can also be exported instantly into Word/Excel/Visio.

Document your relational data model through the use of proprietary, static-analysis algorithms run over your RPG or COBOL code, giving you a comprehensive view of how your data is organized.

Interactive ERD diagram of the derived relational model. Complete data dictionary available to view interactively or download as enhanced DDL, including derived constraints. View your via the design of your derived data model interactively in Eclipse. Use the data model in test data extraction or data base modernization (requires additional modules).


Proprietary static analysis algorithms, automatically extracts, cross-references, consolidates and stores business rules implemented in your applications. Aggregated, annotated and documented by system, program, subroutine, file and field. Export the consolidated business rules database for files/fields as XML for tools such as LANSA , JRules, Drools...

View your RPG logic as Pseudo Code to allow even RPG experts to understand legacy program logic.

UML Diagrams
View your application flow and design as Activity, Use Case or Class Diagrams in Eclipse UML 2.0. Export to Rational and other UML/XMi tools.


Measure and manage the quality, metrics, and complexity of your applications as snapshots and trends over time with details of numbers and graphical trends.


Measure and keep track of program complexities as Cyclomatic, Halstead, Maintainability Index, Source lines etc.. change over time. View trends graphically.

Screen metrics designed to help refacing projects and UI rewrites, file complexities describing designs, use and relationships help measure the database complexities.

Exposes entire X-Analysis metrics database for building customized reports matching system or project requirements. Export all data into spreadsheets with a click for use in project planning and reviews.
Reports on possibly redundant, harmful or disruptive conditions such as missing source, source changed after object creation date, multi-member files, redundant code, unused objects, GOTO's etc.

Compare new versions or PTF's supplied by application against current versions and customized code. Detailed reports broken down by design, object and specific LOC differences; great for upgrades and PTF management.

Link multiple analysis repositories for enterprise wide impact analysis. Integrated queries over Java, RPG, 2E, COBOL, VB, PHP a single inquiry.

The only solution available that integrates your AS/400-IBM i documentation with Java and .Net documentation.

View your IBM i applications and integrated Java, .Net, PHP and Cobol applications as one cohesive system.

Perform data modeling across enterprise systems.

Perform instant impact analysis across enterprise systems.

XA-Open constructs a static analysis repository of your Java, VB, ASP, C#, PHP, Cobol, Lotus Notes and PowerBuilder applications that access your IBM i data or applications.

Link your IBM i X-Analysis repository to your Java, .Net and Cobol repository.

Integrates with Subversion.