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X-Datatest - Effective testing tools for IBM i

Module: X-Datatest


IBM i applications: heavily modified software without a complete library of test cases or specifications. Building on X-Analysis, the world's leading IBM i code analysis toolset, we have developed the industry-leading approach to testing IBM i applications.


Create coherent cut down databases for testing
Creating test databases that are cut down from the full production database is a must for both test performance and disk capacity reasons. And often it is necessary to have many copies of the test database available, with repeated executions of long running jobs.

Of crucial importance in these test databases is that the data maintain its complete relational integrity across all tables and all records.

Within X-Datatest are a set of functions to help you subset your database in a focused manner while maintaining its integrity.

Automated High Volume Parallel Database and Report Comparisons
To achieve thorough testing of legacy applications it is often necessary to process high volumes of transactions for maximal test coverage. Analyzing the results of database output and report output can involve many thousands of individual field comparisons.

X-Datatest provides you with a high level view of test results and comparisons enabling you to quickly home in on potential defects.

Important to this sort of analysis is the ability to filter out expected and unavoidable differences for such things as timestamps. X-Datatest gives you complete flexibility for filtering out expected discrepancies so you can focus your energy and time on meaningful indicators of defects.

X-Datatest provides for various image commands.

User can generate mouse actions (Click, Double Click and Right Click), Wait or Verify on the selected image.
Developing test cases that maximize test coverage of as much code as possible is challenging and time consuming. Legacy systems often contain many thousands of business rules. Legacy databases often contain many surprises.

Through the use of recovered business rules, Pseudocode and data content analysis the general purpose features of X-Analysis can help you efficiently construct a high quality suite of test cases.